James Hartley (Added 17/05/21 )

James originally trained as a bricklayer and is experienced in all areas of construction. He joined Latch in 1998 and has worked in a number of roles, undertaking a wide range and duties during this time: support work, volunteer management, repairs and maintenance, fundraising, financial management etc. His current role is Chief Executive Officer which he became in 2011. This involves the development and implementation of Latch’s strategic objectives and overseeing the operational delivery of Latch’s services. The principal service areas are, the provision of a housing and support to homeless people, the refurbishment of long term empty properties and the delivery of training and volunteering programs for young people. The current strategic focus is on the development of new properties to create additional homes for Latch tenants. This involves the obtaining of finance from a range of sources and property refurbishment project planning. James is a trustee for Newground Together and Leeds Community Homes.


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